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    A work in progress is progress.

    Director and Actor - "Devotion: A Fifty Shades of Chicken Tribute"

    Director's note: This was a recent class project for my Basic Production and Narrative Filmmaking classes at City College of San Francisco. I enjoyed working on this story because I feel that I captured a tone and feel to the piece that most closely represents the style I'm aspiring to mold as a filmmaker. I'm hoping to do more of this in the near future.


    Synopsis: A woman breaks her fast thanks to the recipe book, FIFTY SHADES OF CHICKEN.

    Director: Arabella DeLucco
    Cinematographer: Giovanni Shishido
    Editor: Ryan Joens-Poulton

    Cast: Arabella DeLucco

    Comedic Actor: "DilMil's Doomsdate: Phone Fiasco"

    I was cast as an obnoxious date for this comedy sketch series on dating disasters by the dating app startup, DilMil.

    Director and Producer - "Silent Melody"

    Director's note: We created, wrote, produced and edited this short from conception to the screen in less than 17 days. This is my first narrative film. I'm proud of what we had done with so little time and resources, and I'm grateful to those who've shared their time and talent to this project. "Silent Melody" was an official selection at The Meisner Technique Studio Film Festival in San Francisco in November 2016 and at the Wildwood Film Festival in Appleton, Wisconsin, in March 2017.


    Synopsis: A young woman silently lives her life in San Francisco until one day she meets a musician that prompts her to face the fear and anxiety that have caused her to hide her voice after all of these years.


    Director: Arabella DeLucco
    Writer: Muse Seymour / Story by: Arabella DeLucco
    Producers: Arabella DeLucco, Khepera Batties
    Director of Photography: Niranjan (Nick) Deshpande
    Editor: Josh Zup
    Sound: Chris Mcgrew
    Music Engineering: Pamela Parker
    Production Assistant: Emily Hu

    STARRING (in order of appearance)

    Leigh: Kate Sachen
    Ride Share Driver: Michael DeLucco
    Bohemian Singer: Naja Rose
    Andreas: Tony Glaser
    Waitress: Nani Strides
    Delivery Guy: Brandon Hall
    Music Therapist: Pamela Parker
    Woman with Ukulele: Neilda Pacquing
    Bar Patron: Arabella DeLucco



    "Nowhere" -- written and performed by Naja Rose
    Piano Over Montage -- produced and performed by Pamela Parker
    "Wie Melodien zieht es mir" -- Johannes Brahms; performed by Kate Sachen


    Special thanks to CC and Casey at CC's Cocktail Lounge and Will Raee.


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