• Arabella DeLucco

    Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur, Artist

  • About Me

    a work in progress is progress

    Through a creative process of self-discovery and mishaps, I've arrived here as a storyteller, social entrepreneur, and artist. Storytelling encompasses what I do naturally, whether through acting, journalism, narrative filmmaking, or media and event production.

    I am the founder and CEO of WeXL.org, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to empower and unite through diverse and inclusive storytelling. Unlike most nonprofits, we don't just rely on grants and donations. We also have a social enterprise business model that provides story services to amplify the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


    As for being an artist, that's a new development. I didn't call myself an artist until recently. Art-making is when I experience complete freedom. When I'm painting, I feel free. When I'm acting, I feel free. When I'm leading my team as we produce the stories we want to produce, and the world needs to see, I feel free. I'm a brown immigrant woman in the land of the free and the brave, and finally, in my life, I know that's me: free and brave.


    So the timeline goes: I was born in Manila, Philippines, and immigrated to the United States at the age of 5. I lived in Los Angeles until I moved to New Jersey, where I grew up. I received an undergraduate degree in political science and English from Rutgers University, after which I moved back to California. For the past decade, I've lived in San Francisco, where I met my husband, Michael.

  • On-Camera

    acting, hosting, and live-streaming

    On-Camera Reel 2019

    A sampling of my acting and on-camera work with a clip from a web series, a monologue from Rome and Juliet, snippets from WeXL's television show, and me oil painting on Twitch.tv

    Micro-Short: Devotion

    A micro-film I directed about a woman who breaks her fast thanks to the recipe book, FIFTY SHADES OF CHICKEN (Director of Photography: Giovanni Shishido)

  • Behind-The-Camera

    narrative concepts and experimental films

    Immaculate Heart

    A mood teaser I created and directed for a narrative feature film that is in early stages of development

    Intergalactic Kate

    An experimental film portrait I shot and directed starring Kate Sachen

    Kauai Sights and Sounds

    An experimental travel film I shot and edited on an iPhone 6s (Music by Moby from mobygratis.com)

    The Feminine Continuum

    My experimental film using found footage from archive.org (Music by Moby from mobygratis.com)

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